Stephen Hawking was behind some of the most crucial breakthroughs in the field of universal science. He, despite being completely wheelchair bound, was able to crack mysteries of this Universe which otherwise wouldn’t have been possible. It is because of him that we somehow better understand the enormous universe. Despite his rare medical condition, he was a prolific writer, a pop culture personality, and a brilliant orator. His sarcastic and witty mind was as famous as was his vast knowledge about the facts of universe. Unfortunately for us, Stephen Hawking died on March 14th, 2018. Here are some facts about the greatest genius of our time.

1. Maths Was His Love
He had a keen interest in Maths from a young age, but his father wanted him to study medicine. He eventually ended up studying physics in Oxford because mathematics was not a major.

2. The Rare Disease
In 1963, Stephen Hawking was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis and he should’ve survived for 3 more years. But he lived on for another 50 years instead.

3. The After Effects
After the tracheotomy in 1985, he lost voice completely. Thankfully soon after this, a Californian caught wind of his situation and developed a computer to generate voice from his head and eye movement.

4. The Theory
His Ph.D. doctoral thesis named “Properties of the Expanding Universe” tried to show the facts and figures of how the universe could be made in mathematical terms, after the big bang. As soon as it was uploaded online, the site crashed.

5. The World’s End
Stephen Hawking was very clear about his predictions of the world’s end. According to his theories, he claimed nuclear war, over-population, pandemics or artificial intelligence will end humanity. He was also keen on finding a new habitable planet so that we may migrate there.

6. The Extraterrestrials
He didn’t believe in God but was a strong believer that extremely smart extraterrestrials race exist. He said that if they ever visited us, it wouldn’t turn out to be good for humanity.

7. Net Worth
As estimated by London Evening Standard, his net worth was somewhere around $6.9 million. A majority of which came from the sale of his books. Stephen Hawking, along with his daughter Lucy, also co-wrote a series of book specifically for children.

8. His IQ
It is still unknown. When asked about his IQ in an interview, Hawking said that “I have no idea. People who brag about their IQs are losers.”


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