Information: Before the arrival of the Lyrians there were other species of hominids.

The first people from Lyra landed on Earth about 40,000 years ago. With an advanced holographic society (Lyrians), with space ports and were here for a long time, several centuries, for about 22000 years. During this time, a Taygetian colony was founded, which lived in peace with the Lyrans. The Taygeta base was located on a continent which today has disappeared and is called “Oceania”, the base or colony was called Lemuria.

(This is before the time of Atlantis).
Then came the invading reptiles fleeing from the Federation after a great battle known as the “First Ancient War”. The civilization, the “Lyra colony”, was occupied using nuclear weapons. Therefore there are still traces of ionizing radiation in bomb quality in places like Pakistan. During this conflict Lemuria did not succumb to the invaders and became a resistance zone against the reptile invasion.
The reptiles invaded and enslaved the Lyrans and tried to genetically modify them to separate them from the Source. The children were separated from the adults who were responsible for education, and newborns separated from their mothers at birth. These newborns were indoctrinated with reptile teaching, but they were also genetically modified.
They tried, but because of the strong connection to the source that all the Lyrian races have, they had no success. The adults were sacrificed and eaten, the children were kidnapped to breed a new race of slaves.

This is the Adamic race. The problem was that the women of the Adamic race could not reproduce normally and so they tried to modify them further. Thereby it became another race, or was classified as another race, “Evas”. But they were still women of the Adamic race.
After the genes were suppressed in the Lyrians, reptiles were found, in which the original genes reappeared due to the strong connection with the source. So they decided to bring genetics to the level of mind control because they could not do anything using a laboratory test tube.
Then the Taygeteans in the Taygeta base knew that this was happening to the Lyrian race and they had to intervene.

The place where the reptiles built their base after the invasion of Lyra was Atlantis. (It was not a place since it was an almost complete planetary civilization).

Lemuria is before the time of Atlantis. It existed together with the Lyrians and the reptiles of Atlantis.

Now the genesis of the Old Testament begins. Genesis means, “The genes of the goddess ISIS.”

The ancient reptiles used the snake as a symbol for women, because of the similarity with the DNA spiral, because it is the woman that is dependent on her genes.

Legends tell us that in Egypt women are portrayed as snakes and this is repeated in other parts of the world: China, Japan and Mesoamerica. Just like the Old Testament says.

And the snake (Taygetic women of Lemuria). I enter the Garden of Eden. (Eden = Atlantis).
And he gave Eve the forbidden fruit.
From the tree of knowledge.

Tree + Snake = Hermes Caduceus = DNA Manipulation

The women of Taygeta had access to the places where the EVA’s were trapped, posing as more of them. First they interacted with the EVA women, then they communicated the messages from Taygeta to the Adams.

They were naked = no knowledge.
And the snake (Taygetians).
They gave Eve the forbidden fruit. (Truth and Knowledge).

That is why reptiles are still against women today, because they have passed on the knowledge to Adam, they attack women, despise them and remove the cult of the goddess, later in Egypt as an example.

They do not forgive the fact that they were deprived of control over their slaves, which logically triggered a revolt and they escaped from Atlantis. The reptiles did not drive them away, they left because they wanted freedom.

Then the reptiles made another big hunt with the subsequent massacre of Lyrians and Taygeteans.

But some survived, Lemuria still stood and even fought here.

The reptiles then created a third race, knowing that their problem was that lyrian genes had a high connection to the Source. This time they used their own genes and used them to create a new breed of reptiles.

The reptilian race they have created is of lesser degree or rank and are still their slaves. They are the ones who do their dirty work, but they come from the same country because they were created there. The reptiles, who knew that the Federation was looking for them, because of violations of countless rules and space laws, used a fictional base on the planet Tiamat to send bait signals and set up an ambush against the Federation.

The Federation had already come to see why contact with the base in Lemuria and the Lyra colony had been lost. It came with a large combat fleet led by Taygeta and went to Tiamat to investigate the signals, and they fell into a terrible raid of reptiles.

There was a massive space battle of epic proportions, an extent that is still standard for today, leading to the destruction of more than 75% of the fleets, both Federation and reptile. Weapons of mass destruction, zero-point energy weapons and thermonuclear weapons were used, destabilizing the planet Tiamat and generating shock waves in its large ocean, resulting in the deviation of its magnetosphere and thus the destruction of the planet.

The surface of Mars was also devastated by nuclear and energy weapons, the subsequent chaos in everything, the delicate dynamics between the planets of the solar system, brought a series of disasters to the planets. Thus a new orbital distribution of all planets was created.

Part of the water of Tiamat, almost as large as Neptune, fell to the earth and flooded the surface, which at that time was almost completely covered by dense forests and had five other continents: Oceania, Appalachia, Fenoscandina and two others. The flood brought with it the destruction of the reptile culture of Atlantis and also destroyed Lemuria.

The survivors of Lemuria, Lyra and Taygeta, left from there because the country is flooded and they migrate mainly to the coasts of Japan, present-day South America and the west coast of the United States of America.

In the Atlantic, what was left of Atlantis, the surviving reptiles and slaves, moved to the high coasts of Scotland and Ireland. They lost all their technology, their ships and everything, they went back to the Stone Age. There is no record of icing at this time, and there was no icing, quite contrary to what the established science says. This was introduced as a pretext to erase the true story.

At that moment the Federation is very weak and full of problems. There are also cataclysms. I must mention that with the destruction of Tiamat and the subsequent reorganization of the star planets of this solar system, the Earth also experienced a pole change due to the change of the magnetic field. Then the Federation decided to erect an electromagnetic barrier around the Earth as a wall projected from the ship, which was damaged during the conflict, the Moon. It is an old and damaged Federation and construction biosphere ship from Andromeda… This prevents negative reptiles from escaping, while the Federation could return to finish what it started, and the 3D Matrix was born.

The giants: The attacked base on Lyra was a multiracial base, as was any other base or space port. The Atlantians come from the Pleiades, from Atlas the Star, “hence the name”. They were there too, and they fought too.

Another important point to note in India, the reptiles faced a strong group, Celano and Andromedano. Led by the god Shiva in the battle with Nivanas (ships). This occurred before the arrival of the Federation and during the first nuclear conflict mentioned at the beginning.

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