Why Do Humans Have Pubic Hair?

Why Do Humans Have Pubic Hair?

Have you ever wondered why we have hair in our genital areas? Society says it is unappealing and that we should get rid of the hair, but it does have a purpose. Unfortunately, scientists don’t exactly know what this supposed purpose is. Many theories have been proposed to explain the hair’s function, but there’s really no clear answer.

One theory suggests that pubic hair releases pheromones—bodily scents that others might find sexually stimulating. Some people are capable of consciously smelling the presence of pheromones. For others, detection of the scent and sexual stimulation happens at a more subconscious level. If this theory is correct then we should stop shaving our pubic hair, being that it can decrease or even eliminate our sexual attractiveness.

Another theory suggests that genital hair protects the reproductive organs, especially the vagina, from dirt and particles. However, there’s one problem to this theory: It only applies to women. If it is applied to men then there should also be pubic hair protecting the urethra.


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